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About Lucy Wildheart


Born: -93
Lives: Lidingö in Stockholm, Sweden
Education: Upcoming - The Ballet Academy of Stockholm (2017/2018). Project Dance Kulturama Hammarby Sjöstad (2016/2017), Sport for elite-athletes at Bosön (2014/2016). Lic. Personal Trainer, SAFE Education Sthlm (2011). Sportmassage-terapeut, Friskvårdsgruppen/PT-School (2012). Div. grouptrainer-educations and danceteaching-educations (2011-2013)
Working as: EntrepreneurProfessional Boxer, Dancer, Personal Trainer, Diet Coach, Massage Therapist, Model, Songwriter.

Social Media

Facebook fanpage: Wildheart
Instagram: Lucywildheart
Twitter: lucywildheart



Bouts: 2

Record: 2-0-0 (1KO)
High: 1.67m

Weightclass: 58-62 kg - Super Featherweight - Lightweight

Trainer: Luis Lagerman

Promotions: Siesta Boxing Promotion, UK

Wins as a amateur

Guld Gala Åbo -13

Guld Falken Cup -13

Guld Golden Girl Championship -14

Silver Värends Cup -14

Guld Svenska NB. Mästerskapen -14

Brons Mellansvenska Mästerskapen -14

5:a Svenska Mästerskapen -14

Guld Golden Girl Championship -15

Silver Haringey Box Cup London

Guld Hilleröd Box Cup - 15. Pris Bästa Boxare. 

Brons Golden Girl Championship -16.

Guld Round Robin -16.

Guld Sydsvenska Mästerskapen -16. Pris Bästa Boxare.
Guld Hannover, Tyskland. - 16
Silver Värends Cup, Växjö -16

Brons Nordiska Mästerskapen - 16
Guld Landskamp Frankrike - 16
Boxing with the Swedish Team - 16
Best rank: 2

Other information

Extra: Competing in gymnastics, 1kyu Shotokan Kase Ha Karate, Competing in BJJ and Heavylifting, 4th place Nordic Championship - Tough Viking Royal Djurgården 2014 15km Obstacle Race. 

Known as her "To strong for the Gladiators". 

Maxielit Slagskeppet Gym Bosön Kalmar Instrumentteknik AB