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Moving to England for the next level

15 maj 2018

Official information.

In five weeks Im moving to Hornchurch, England to be trained and managed by Colin Lynes (Former IBO world, British and European Champion). O have to do what is best for me. I am looking forward to do boxing as my full-time work. It is what needed if you want to become the very best boxer of the world. I have never been afraid of taking steps when I believe its the right choices. I am very thankful for everything the Swedish Proboxing Commite have done for me, my supporters and my former trainer Luis lagerman. The British Board of Control will give me the new license and within the training I can have a next fight in late summertime. I hope you everyone enjoy my choose of moving and I look forward to bring the big titles home back to Sweden, love you all. Thanks.

TKO win the 5th may

8 maj 2018

I am so happy. Got my third win in lightweight as a professional boxer. And still undefeated with a record of 3-0-0 (2KO). 

The venue was brilliant, especially all the people who come to watch. All support from the crowd. Friends, family and others. Remember its because of you, we boxers can still fight.

I did my best fight so far in my carrier. Won against a Georgian girl having 9 fights, 5 wins and 4 KO on her record. She is ranked. It made it possible for me to step up a level, looking for a new fight in summertime. 

The team, Luis Lagerman, Calum and Elsa.

My aunt and young supporters.

With Colin Lynes, Former professional boxer, IBO world, British and european Title. Trainer and Manager.

After the venue on way to party, with my mum beside me.

The blits 5th may wildtime

21 april 2018

Two weeks out, then its my turn to step into the ring and show you what I got. My third professional boxing fight will take place at Göta Lejon Sthlm, 5th of May. The name of the venue is "The Blitz" and you are all welcome to buy tickets on to join me. My pleasure. 

I will have the second last fight on the card. Its great. My opponent comes from Georgia and she is ranked having four knockout-win on her list, in the total of nine fights. What I need to do to win agains her, is to be me. Its not easy to beat me. Luis has done his work, I have done my work, Calum his, Colin his etc. And we all know I am prepared and ready to fight. 

Soon as this fight is over, we got a lot of opportunities to look forward to. I can't explain how thankful I am for doing this, working with this, everyday. What I love most. If you want to be a part of me, and my team as a sponsor. Get in contact. 

The sponsor for this fight is Friia Finance company. 

Cheers and love.

London SparringCamp Colin Lynes

6 april 2018

Last week I took a trip to London for training with the one and only Colin Lynes. One of my favorite fighters. He is a good friend of mine. Please have a look on youtube and you will find his fights. Colin has 51 professional fights and has boxed on Sky Sport Television. Now he has retired and start coaching people in training and boxing instead. I am very happy he want to help me. I need to step up a level and sparring with him makes improvements on me.

We had a great week of good workout. Many rounds in the ring. He totally messed up my boxing, and sometimes I felt like a beginner, but then we went to Peacocks gym in London to sparr a soon to be Team GB member girl. She was southpaw. Very tricky one, but we got it in control and did a really good sparring. I am very happy with that. 

Boxing is all about learning, listen and details. I love the game and I love to be better every day. I have a fight upcoming in four weeks. So now my focus puts on improve myself in sparring. To play this game. I want my opponents to look beginners while fighting me. I am tricky, I am strong, I have great condition, movements and a strong head. But I am still learning to be even better. In a couple of years I will fight the worlds best fighters, which I long for. Therefor everyday of learning is important and my pleasure.

I am very pleased to have my Team supporting me. I would be nothing without them! All love!
Thank you Colin for taking care of me, now and in future. #lyno

Våga Våga South Sweden

21 mars 2018

For a couple of weeks ago I hold this lecture / inspiration evening at LokoMotion Training Center in Blekinge in sponsorship with Restaurant Sjörek. I have been working i that part of Sweden for three years, so It felt good to be back. I have a lot of people I know coming from there that I have met in my earlier years. 

So, this lecture was about To find the confidence to do what you love, taking chances, taking risks. I told them it okay doing mistakes, I do them everyday - but In a way that It works for me. And I always learning from them.

The public was between 18-80 years, grateful. I had all kind of persons being there. The event office was standing high over the water and our view was beautiful. Beautiful when looking out from the windows. After the lecture we all had dinner together. Really good food from SJörek!

I want to thank Thomas Heiderup for making this for us. And thank to the sponsors. And thank to the 60 person who came for listening. Cheers!

25th perfect birthday

7 mars 2018

My 25th birthday (5th marsch). Maybe it was my best day in life so far. I am not able to tell you exactly why - yet! But soon. I want to thank everyone for all wishes and congratulations.

Life is about feeling good, and be happy, and be around people you love and you like to work with or be with. Doing things you like and do it much. My birthday included a ballet lesson, a great lunch with my lovely friend Erik Hulten, a perfect meeting (about my next boxing contest - ITS ON YES), and another talk with a sponsor I believe in ( ! ). To end the day catching up with my partner in crime, Katarina Strandberg to workout the shit of us at Top Team Sweden. I was all dead afterwards but I felt strong and very relaxed in my soul and my mind. I like Sweden Top Team, they always working very hard. I love it hard. I love to feelin like a monster. To that level when you almost start crying. Push the limit. Especially on a birthday. LOL!

Otherwise, these meetings can be a following great "start" in our carrier. For me, for my fantastic trainer Luis Lagerman. I can't describe how lucky I am having him beside me, TRAINS me EVERYDAY. Lucky girl I am. I am not only training for myself, I also do it for him, and for all yours support. For everyone who believes in me. 

Life is to short to ride on the world alone.

the body is the instrument on which imagination plays - joseph duemer

1 mars 2018

I don't need to have diamonds, I don't need to build the biggest house. I don't need to be perfect to anyone - as long as I can do what I love and live for. 

love yourself and talk from the heart

22 februari 2018

Hi everybody! I hope you having some really good days in this cold time of the year. I am not happy with cold weather anymore. When I was a child an until I was 20 years old I loved when it was all raining outside, cold, snowy, windy - when I was outside training, even better if the clock turned in the middle of the night or early morning on weekends - when I thought no one else training, then I felt like a monster. Today I am a little more comfortable - OR, I use the reason that I don't want to be to destructive to myself and be care of injuries. I do also have less body fat to surround my muscles. Which make me freezing all the time.

But it doesn't mean I don't run outside. I love it, maybe I run outside 4-5 days a week - and I still feel like a monster. I love myself and I look for positive vibes out of my running. I think its important to tell yourself and others, "today I was really good". My friends Katarina and Jennie, we use to talk like that. I love when they telling me when they are monsters. I really enjoy it. Cause we are in a world we "need to" be happy all the time - or that is the goal. Nothing else is important if you don't feel good. And how can we feel good? Yes, it comes from what we tell ourselves from the inside. 

Its like, for the first time in my life I REALLY enjoy standing facing the mirror beside the ballet bar workout my body. Looking at myself, how I move, see what I have become so far, see other people, I can see that my body works with me (not every day lol) but almost. From being a dancer/boxer and totally falling in love with ballet like I could do it every day. As I do, almost one hour a day before boxing lesson. (But no one know, haha)...

Anyway, its about how you see yourself. Be honest to yourself, talk from the heart and everything will come to you. Its my opinion.

Thank you, talk later!

With Katarina Strandberg.

What a boxer or a dancer eat

13 februari 2018

What do a boxer eat? What do a dancer eat? You might think a ballerina eat nothing, maybe a carrot in time and a glass of water. And maybe you think the boxers never eat before the morning run and a lot of Pasta as Paolo Roberto. In my younger years I have been surfed into websites to find out this answer but never got i. What I learned from life is that many boxers eat clean before a fight, only the couple of weeks before, and (often) stress the last days before a fight (which is not good to each body or mind), and after a win they eat cheat. That worse thing you can do is to drink alcoholic, because of the brain. Many actually don't really know what they are eating or why, and I have seen many become sick or ill regular in their training season or after fights - and this is not normally, whatever you say. When everything come together, with great nights of sleep and enough clean nutrition you shall not get flued.

And a dancer, Ive seen two typically personality here. Some eat quite good, but too less and to less of proteins. Its often quark with sugar included, some kind of cornflakes, small lunch with pasta and sour milk cream within only maybe 10grams of protein (its like a half chicken). Otherwise they stay in shape, but Ive seen many dancers don't have the enough energy to workout with 100% quality, even if they does you can see in peoples eyes they need to work hard to stay in focus. The other type is a typically type with no experience at all about food. They says "I have been dancing thirty hours this week to I can eat whatever I want". Its NOT true. Dancing is never always high pulse training and candy in this case, everyday, would anyway be too much energy for this type of dancer - not good for the brain, and not good for their weight. 

Anyway It is still a kind of old rule that dancers shall eat less, smoke, work until they cry and the feet will fall apart. For me, I am the person who says "If you want to be a dancer, act lika a dancer, If you want to be a boxer, be the boxer", but by doing it in your own way. In every case the nutrition shall be good enough. With good nutrition it helps and makes you be ready for a show much faster, recover and to stay heal and full of energy.

I workout 12-18 times a week. Normally I have 5-6 times of boxing, 6-8 t.of. dancing, 3-4 t.of. running, 2 t.of. olympic lifting. It means I have to plan my meals quite well. (Or could I just eat whatever I want?). No. I do counting what I eat in an excel document, very easy, everything I eat, how many grams, calories etc, so I have the control of how much energy I have to workout with - and in this time of the year, closer to fight and I have to loose a couple of kilos, I eat less (much less). I have lost 4% fat from my body, and 3kg in two weeks. Diet food is fun food, you can eat so much more and still loose weight. Promise me. Just need to know how and be prepared.

Love New York and Gleasons Gym

28 januari 2018

Can this be maybe the shortest visit in NY? Two days, but it felt like two weeks.

For the first time in my life I came over to the States, New York. The main thing why - me and Linda went to a big event about tights because she has an online shop called Sweatstore. The store have the best tight I ever seen and used. They fit well and looks beautiful. We tights fanatic loves em. Koral in my favorit brand.

I went to the oldest an still active gym in New York, Brooklyn. Gleason´s gym where Muhammed Ali, Tyson etc has been trained. All these perfect boxers! Going inside there feeling the pulse of training entusiasts workout the ring, on way to be something more than they already are, maybe the next world champions. That feeling! I said that to one trainer after he took som photoshots of me and a world champ girl. "Believe, so many peoples dreams has come through, through this gym!". That trainer had a pads workout session with me. Yeah, why not. Even if I hadn't brought any training clothes with me. Boxing as a sport put people together.

So, Linda and I had this other day walking around at the shops checking brands, Trying Ney York´s kind of food. I had h half bagel. AND a donut. Believe that. HAHA! I don't really like this kind of food. But I tried and I liked it.

I love people in NY, so helpful. A gut followed me to the Gleason´s, others showed How the subway works, a police from one day met us the other day at another place (how?), when we stilled looked confused out of control. Guess he laughed.

People asked about my autograph in the stores when they heard Im a professional boxer. Some checked me directly on their computer. Funny. Its always important to make new friends. To be happy with each other. I always believe people are good until they show the opposite. 

One more thing! We thought we should come home friday day, but it was saturday. This mathematic counting the hours.. yeah.. what to say! Lol!

Okay, thank you for reading. All the best!


17 januari 2018

My everydays are very exciting, right now. 

Something new happen every day. I meet new inspirational people. What I do, I want to listen, learn and know them. Surrounded by people on mostly the same mission as yourself, will give more excitement to life.

The newspaper MITT I LIDINGÖ had an interview with me. They were very softly and we had a great talk.

I am going to do more interviews with them and other newspaper and magazines in near future. 

I am almost done with on of my latest songs, and a radio channel will send it live within me talking. Follow me on Facebook to get more information quicker. 

I will also do jobs with that perfect well-known photographer Jörgen Reimer. He has done big projects in life, working national and international. This can be interesting - a new side of me you haven't seen before. 

Stay tuned, and I will keep it up. 

Photo: Stefan Källstigen, Mitt i Lidingö

2018 new year thoughts

6 januari 2018

Be the one you want to be. Everyday Everytime #kostumesparring

The day has come, the day to end a chapter in life to start a new one. I will explain; every day is important to me. Every minute. I don't leave anything on its edge. I have dreams. I do plans. I create the life I want to live, chapter by chapter. And its not easy, the mostly days I am vert thankful to have, and some days I am sad and tired of life and issues; yes Issues, What is all included when creating the life. And I like it!

Year 2017 has given me big experience. A learning year. I ended my dance education, become a professional boxer, did a thunder debut with a KO win, did my second fight with another win. I have been working with my company and plans för 2018. Ive written music. Danced. Traveled. Met new people.

2018, I am ready for new fights to explore. I want to work a lot, with all the projects. I want to be in the dance studio and the music studio even more. I am going to - to discover US, more than once. And my friends and family. Taking care of them as much as possible. 

I want to thank all people around me that Ive worked with, people who have supported me, sponsors, friends and family. Lets make 2018 even better! #wildtime

Christmas Eve in Mora

27 december 2017

I have had som beautiful snowy days in Mora together with Robert. He has been teaching me doing cross-country-skiing, and I really enjoyed it. My big idols in life is the greatest athletes of skiing. Their goals is enormous, so are mine but in boxing. 

While cross-country-skiing I realized that balance and relaxing make differens. Like "take it easy" enjoying the country. Just having fun and the teqnich will come to you by learning. Directly after the training I got doms is my hips and abs, its a lot of abs working to ski. I guess my legs are stronger. The condition - no problem. I always use my pulse clock to make sure "I am taking it easy" if is not a session with intervals when I am training. Next year I would love to try a cross-country-skirace, it all depends on my boxing competitions of course - but for fun. Otherwise for the condition training, its easier to do longer sessions by skiing then running. 

On Christmas Eve, my left leg was swelling. It came from a scrape one week ago. I got also fever. So we went to the hospital to get it sorted. They made a small cut in my leg to let the blood out. Directly it felt better. Now I am cleaning the scrape everyday and I have been resting from training. I will wait some more days until I go back to interval training, but I am back with small sessions. It feels all good. I have done a new training schedule to go ahead with and a better nutrition plan, so I can't wait to start with it. I believe next year will feel so good!

Anyway. Thank you Robert being with me at the hospital on our Christmas Eve. 

a day be like

18 december 2017

The best part of being a young entrepreneur is that one day is not like another, and I can plan my days by my own. Ever better, I meet so many different persons to discuss and talk to. I love to listen to other people, see how they have done to reached (or doing to try reaching) their goals in life. Listed to learn. People always have something to tell.

When I plan my day, I always put my training first. Its important because training is also my job. I need to plan my nutrition/meals as best I can on a day to be sure I can perform as I want. In this point I am happy having Zoran, my performance coach to help me with the structure etc. As today we had a long meeting and I got some new products to use in my training life. I really enjoy using Maxi Elit supplements as I can feel how much this actually helps me in my training daily. Contact me when you want to hear more. 

Because people can book me on Bokadirekt (Lucy/Salong Dingo) its easy for me to open my schedule for others to book, when I have time. Its easy for me, and its easy for you.

Today I also had time to went to the music studio catching up with my grandfather Tommy Hillborg, listen to his new song which will come out very soon (in the states). Just need to tell you, this song is amazing and I can't wait to see how the feedback will be. We are also working on a song for me, with my own lyrics and sound. 

I like my days. And I use to say, for every day you get lost, it will take you one more day to reach your goals.

December thinking

16 december 2017

I really enjoy this time of the year. And especially THIS year!

Last year I never thought I would be where I am today. I had my visions of course. Last year I was afraid that I was to young to go into the proboxing business. That I maybe have had to high thoughts about myself. But I started working on it - as usual I take chances. Rater I fail then never tries.

In this years december I realies I have reach a lot of goals. I hav done two fights as professional, I have got the option to study at Ballet Academy if I wanted, I am working as my own, own company. I am working with my own music and lyrics together with big experienced people, and I am also having a big project on way.

All this means I do what I love. Where I can be ME. Just me.

This week has been awesome. I have trained well, made massage customs happy, having my own boxing classes, photoshooting, being twice at the music studio. And I have also had time for myself doing my lashes ( lash lift as a present I won), and my nails, and Linnea took care of my skin by trying her new facial Heat Crush.

For me I believe 2018 will be a really good year. Every 365 days will be important and exciting. 

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