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17 januari 2018

My everydays are very exciting, right now. 

Something new happen every day. I meet new inspirational people. What I do, I want to listen, learn and know them. Surrounded by people on mostly the same mission as yourself, will give more excitement to life.

The newspaper MITT I LIDINGÖ had an interview with me. They were very softly and we had a great talk.

I am going to do more interviews with them and other newspaper and magazines in near future. 

I am almost done with on of my latest songs, and a radio channel will send it live within me talking. Follow me on Facebook to get more information quicker. 

I will also do jobs with that perfect well-known photographer Jörgen Reimer. He has done big projects in life, working national and international. This can be interesting - a new side of me you haven't seen before. 

Stay tuned, and I will keep it up. 

Photo: Stefan Källstigen, Mitt i Lidingö

2018 new year thoughts

6 januari 2018

Be the one you want to be. Everyday Everytime #kostumesparring

The day has come, the day to end a chapter in life to start a new one. I will explain; every day is important to me. Every minute. I don't leave anything on its edge. I have dreams. I do plans. I create the life I want to live, chapter by chapter. And its not easy, the mostly days I am vert thankful to have, and some days I am sad and tired of life and issues; yes Issues, What is all included when creating the life. And I like it!

Year 2017 has given me big experience. A learning year. I ended my dance education, become a professional boxer, did a thunder debut with a KO win, did my second fight with another win. I have been working with my company and plans för 2018. Ive written music. Danced. Traveled. Met new people.

2018, I am ready for new fights to explore. I want to work a lot, with all the projects. I want to be in the dance studio and the music studio even more. I am going to - to discover US, more than once. And my friends and family. Taking care of them as much as possible. 

I want to thank all people around me that Ive worked with, people who have supported me, sponsors, friends and family. Lets make 2018 even better! #wildtime

Christmas Eve in Mora

27 december 2017

I have had som beautiful snowy days in Mora together with Robert. He has been teaching me doing cross-country-skiing, and I really enjoyed it. My big idols in life is the greatest athletes of skiing. Their goals is enormous, so are mine but in boxing. 

While cross-country-skiing I realized that balance and relaxing make differens. Like "take it easy" enjoying the country. Just having fun and the teqnich will come to you by learning. Directly after the training I got doms is my hips and abs, its a lot of abs working to ski. I guess my legs are stronger. The condition - no problem. I always use my pulse clock to make sure "I am taking it easy" if is not a session with intervals when I am training. Next year I would love to try a cross-country-skirace, it all depends on my boxing competitions of course - but for fun. Otherwise for the condition training, its easier to do longer sessions by skiing then running. 

On Christmas Eve, my left leg was swelling. It came from a scrape one week ago. I got also fever. So we went to the hospital to get it sorted. They made a small cut in my leg to let the blood out. Directly it felt better. Now I am cleaning the scrape everyday and I have been resting from training. I will wait some more days until I go back to interval training, but I am back with small sessions. It feels all good. I have done a new training schedule to go ahead with and a better nutrition plan, so I can't wait to start with it. I believe next year will feel so good!

Anyway. Thank you Robert being with me at the hospital on our Christmas Eve. 

a day be like

18 december 2017

The best part of being a young entrepreneur is that one day is not like another, and I can plan my days by my own. Ever better, I meet so many different persons to discuss and talk to. I love to listen to other people, see how they have done to reached (or doing to try reaching) their goals in life. Listed to learn. People always have something to tell.

When I plan my day, I always put my training first. Its important because training is also my job. I need to plan my nutrition/meals as best I can on a day to be sure I can perform as I want. In this point I am happy having Zoran, my performance coach to help me with the structure etc. As today we had a long meeting and I got some new products to use in my training life. I really enjoy using Maxi Elit supplements as I can feel how much this actually helps me in my training daily. Contact me when you want to hear more. 

Because people can book me on Bokadirekt (Lucy/Salong Dingo) its easy for me to open my schedule for others to book, when I have time. Its easy for me, and its easy for you.

Today I also had time to went to the music studio catching up with my grandfather Tommy Hillborg, listen to his new song which will come out very soon (in the states). Just need to tell you, this song is amazing and I can't wait to see how the feedback will be. We are also working on a song for me, with my own lyrics and sound. 

I like my days. And I use to say, for every day you get lost, it will take you one more day to reach your goals.

December thinking

16 december 2017

I really enjoy this time of the year. And especially THIS year!

Last year I never thought I would be where I am today. I had my visions of course. Last year I was afraid that I was to young to go into the proboxing business. That I maybe have had to high thoughts about myself. But I started working on it - as usual I take chances. Rater I fail then never tries.

In this years december I realies I have reach a lot of goals. I hav done two fights as professional, I have got the option to study at Ballet Academy if I wanted, I am working as my own, own company. I am working with my own music and lyrics together with big experienced people, and I am also having a big project on way.

All this means I do what I love. Where I can be ME. Just me.

This week has been awesome. I have trained well, made massage customs happy, having my own boxing classes, photoshooting, being twice at the music studio. And I have also had time for myself doing my lashes ( lash lift as a present I won), and my nails, and Linnea took care of my skin by trying her new facial Heat Crush.

For me I believe 2018 will be a really good year. Every 365 days will be important and exciting. 

news salong dingo

7 december 2017

Now its available to book you massage (sport) AND diet-coaching by me at Salong Dingo, Rehnsgatan 24, City of Stockholm. A professional and beautiful skin lounge with much love and fighting spirit. I am happy and proud for now on working with my friend and sparringpartner Linnea Sundberg. Come down to Salong Dingo and buy your Christmas Presents from us!

My booking-schedule is open to book, click into the link to book a time that works for you.
I have a several great deals to offer you. 

Welcome to Salong Dingo!

Diet coaching - Perform/loose weight

4 december 2017

There are so many people asking me How I eat, How I train and How I perform. For me its quite simple, I eat clean and training hard. I am "never" ill or injured, I always make my weight on point, I almost Always feel strong while training and I have a lot of energy. What I eat Is very important to how I will perform. Its the details making differens.

I have study nutrition at different schools, I have taking courses, I have listen to people, working with klients, I have trying everything myself. Everyday I educate myself about nutrition. I know how it feels to be thinking about food 24/7 a day, to having anorexi/bullemi, how stress makes us eat more or less, I know how it feels to fall apart over and over again with no success of losing weight, I know what kind of problems your terms gets while eating and drinking wrong - is it worth it? No, not for anyone. 

In the daily life, the food companies and industry put so much shit into the food to make business. Its all about making business and we need to open our eyes. For example, NOCCO!! With its wrong HP balance - its the worse a sport athletic man can give its body. Anyway everyone think its soon good. NO! Please.

So, because many people asks me, and want my information I have decided to start diet coaching. I have only time for two or three persons at same time. We will go through a changing of lifestyle, and make you realize how your body works and what kind of food works for you. And I will teach you what food actually do to your body. We will have daily contact in the beginning. You will send me information of what you eat and I give you feedback or a schedule of course if you need that. I will make this quite cheap in the beginning for first three ones that will join.

Send a message to,, or contact me at 0733-128138. I am open to make a better start for you to the next year 2018!!!

FF, Superior C, and maxi elit

3 december 2017

The days going fast, this weekend is almost over. Going so quick! And its almost Christmas and I haven't even left a thought about that. Poor me! All my feelings has been put on my last fight, every training around and even about planning my work - and working with people. As you know I do Massage and PT-trainings at Slagskeppet (and for now on even massage on Salong Dingo, Rehnsgatan). But let me tell you about it on the next chapter. 

The last couple of days I have been with my very best sponsor Zoran, the owner of MAXI ELIT. My new sponsor and performance coach. Thank you Patricia linking us together. I believe Zoran can help me raise a new level of myself, and I already can feel in my body how much better I have been, just by changing small bits about my nutrition, my mind and my training. Everything I do as a boxer I have to be sure it will help me perform even better, aswell in training as competing. I have to be openminded looking for new options and ways to be a better person and trust and listen to others I know have right in what they are saying. (But If I think they are stupid, of course I don't listen). But I trust in Zoran, I know he can make a better me. He has been worked with some op the best in different sports all the way up to Olympics. He is big educated and having experiences many people could kill for. Thank you.

We got tickets from the owner of Superior Challenge to watch MMA fights in Eriksdalshallen last night. Great atmosphere. Thank you. It was my pleasure sitting closest to the ring, feeling the blood and sweat almost touching my lips. I love fighting. I really love it. Afterward a good friend of mine picked me up to having a glass of red wine from france in front of the television televised Anthony Yigits fight. AND Chantelle Cameron!! Who is someone I really want to fight.... to be continued ;P

With Oscar Ahlin, lol!

Zoran and me, on Fitness Festivalen. Team Maxi Elit. 

being back at training

29 november 2017

I never take long holidays NO, its not my style, I'm not interesting in having breaks longer than maybe one day - if I feel all good in mind and body. Its true, I have read a lot about resting, training, super compensation, and I believe I know enough to be smart. But please tell me if I have wrong. 

This last fight was four rounds, I felt comfortable working my ass off in the ring. Everything has went well, the training camp etc. before the fight. I wasn't that nervous no, I'm never that kind of person. If I know myself after this load, I will not be sick when coming home - and I didn't, I still fresh. Many people being sick after a big fight. Not me. (Praise lord haha). AND I guess its why I gets back to training very quick, I get my body used to it.

The day after a fight, I am not training, but two days after I like running and doing long trainings to be fresh in body after have been eating a lot. And three days later I like doing some heavy weights workout to tell my body I am back and I will train hard.

My next fight is planned in February, its not confirmed yet. But it gives me time to do really good heavy explosive training (maybe som personal best records at olympic lifting), and I can do long runs for a while and 400-1000m interval-training. Is perfect. On monday I will be back at the boxing training with Luis. This week I just chill out with the boxing doing rope skipping, shadow, easy pads with Peter - only cause its fun. 

Anyway - thank you everyone writing and calling me telling you love my boxing, and that you have seen my development. I really love to hear the support. I am the happiest on world. Thank you.


28 november 2017

At the weekend you can find me at Fitnessfestivalen (with a MaxiElit T-shirt) walking around. Come Join me and say hello! I will also be in the monte with Zoran from MaxiElit, talking about this PH-stabilized water machine. Many things happens in your body with the right nutrition and supplements. Its a big deal, important, therefor I like MaxiElit. 

PT, Boxing, Massage YES

28 november 2017

If you want to have me as your trainer,

Boxing or Personal Trainer, send me a PM och call me at 0733128138, and we can discuss. I am educated with big experienced.
You can also book a massage by me, I do sport massage/trigger and I solve problems. 

still undefeated yeeeeeeeah

27 november 2017

I am so happy. I am proud. I have no words to describe how I feel. 

The past weekend might be one of the best in my life. That includes everything. I won my second professional contest agains Vanesa Caballero (Spain) and I did it with a good performance I am happy with. It means Im happy by myself. For the first time in my life I really enjoy watching the video of myself and how i perform in the ring - that everything we have been training on at the gym works in the ring. I have to thank Luis Lagerman and also Peter Lööf. 

The venue was great, big televised show, shown in Africa and whole Europe. Viasat (viaplay fighting) sended the show included my fight also and Magnus Dahlman commentated my fight with his beautiful voice. Thank you. Luis use to commentate fights all over the world, but this time Magnus did by his own and Luis was in my corner with Elsa Thambert. 

It was nice to catch up with Anthony Crolla, Kamanga, Luther, Colin Lynes and other very kind boxers and people. In January I will come over to England doing some training camp. I look for this option signing promotion with Al Siesta to promote me working with the television part, and be on his shows everytime. Next fight will be in february. 

If you are interest to have your logo on my fighter wear (sponsor), send me a PM and lets have a meeting! #wildtime

i said before christmas

23 november 2017

So the day has come to pack my bag and fly down to England. Lovely England. UK. Im on my weight today, ready for the public weight in tomorrow. Will meet up Elsa and Luis at the airport Arlanda. A driver will pick us up at the airport driving down to the hotel in Portsmouth, catching up with Al Siesta and the other home corner boxers. Cant wait!

I told myself early autumn, I am going to fight before Christmas. And now we are almost there. Two days away. And it feels awesome. Ive done so much making this possible. Ive asked many people for the help and are very happy that got great support so far. Im happy having Luis Lagerman beside me, and really appreciate Peter Lööf has been there also support and helped with training. I look forward to start this new sign with Zoran at Maxi Elit, performance coach, to make me step up ever more levels until my next fight. 

To do what we do, is harder then people thinks. Its not only the many hours we are living in the gym daily. Its about nutrition, every nights sleep, recover, massage, mindfulness,,,,, prepare, and plan, work beside, make the money to live and eat, being nice to people, taking care of family, do something else than boxing, maybe play music,,,, its about waking up every morning knowing your a good person and you deserve to win, waking up and believe you can be the best,, look at yourself and trust in yourself. Taking chances, doing wrongs, doing better next time. So much. 

Life is short, no one has survived. Live it once and do it now.

maxi elite

19 november 2017

My new sign.

I am very happy and glad by having met Zoran Maksic. A man who works with some of the best athletes in the world, in different sports to get in shape for training, life and competing. For example George Scott (boxning), Mattias Sunnebord (friidrott), Rickard Nilsson (oly), Volume Kamara etc etc.

From the first time I spoke to Zoran I realized that he believes in the details. All the hard work and routine, the whole package of what an athlete/fighter/competer need in life to be a world champion. All the dedication, everyday. Zoran knows exactly how it is. And I do believe he can make me perform 50% more than I do today, both in training and competing. 

Its important what you eat, how your body works with the diet, how your genes works, your head, your mind. Recover fast as possible. Its different for a woman than a man. An athlete (or everyone) need to be sure about what to eat, eat clean, healthy, with routine and there are also times of a day when is best eating what etc etc etc. (Which supplements, diet, training, is best for me). All this perfection is Zoran specialized on!

I am very happy to have met you and I am looking for a many years long road to the top of a very interesting carrier of boxing. 


19 november 2017

Guess what happened me last friday morning? I felt like a princess, waking up with someone knocking on my door to deliver a package of stuff from SLVRBACK for me to try on. So happy. Am I spoiled?

I took a run with their tights, and later on the friday I did twice boxing sessions using them and I felt so (actually) sexy and comfortable having this kind of tights. They hold my abs tight and my ass in good-looking shape. HAHAHA

And the perfekt shaker! Steel-shaker. Really glad I got pairs of these. Hold your water, PWO, BCAA och protein cold the whole day, OR - your coffee HOT! Its perfekt! They having also belts and wrist raps on their website.

I made a deal with SLVRBCK for you, my followers to having reduced price when buying on their website. Just use the code "Lucy15" and its 15% better price on the total. Tell me later how you think the products is.

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