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About food

5 augusti 2018

Nutrition is a big question for many. People asks me every day what I eat as the elite leveled sport woman I am. (I am human exactly like everyone else).

Its easy to tell how I eat, but difficult to tell you what you need to eat. Everyone is different. I can absolutely make a scheduled plan for you (I am an lic. personal trainer) and we discover together whats best for you. 

I believe everyone on this earth is kind of intolerant of wheat/gluten. The protein substances gluten you will find in almost every kind of wheat products. I have always been sensitive about it, my belly is sensitive. But since I moves to England I can not even eat a little piece of crackers before my belly gets rubbish and it makes me enoyed. The "worst" things about it is when I always have to say "No, no thank you" to people, and everyone thinks I have ortorexi problem, and especially when they see me training many times a week - and "do not eat normal". But anyway, I do not do normal. I do what is best for me.

So, yes.
I eat a lot of eggs (LOTS), sweet potato, chicken, tuna, pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, onion, raspberries and bananas. And sometimes I eat salmon, apples, ham, gluten free oats, low fat cottage cheese/quark/skyr, baked beans and nuts. I also drink LOTS of coffee and LOTS of sparkling water.

A normal day could look like; 4 eggs in the morning and two cup of coffee. 300-400gr of sweet potato and 200-300gr of chicken/tuna and a pepper. In the afternoon I can have a big portion of cottage cheese with apple/banana and raspberries, sometimes with nuts or chia seeds if I need energy, or I have another lunch. After my afternoon training I try do something fancy, lika another omelette with spinach, ham, tomatoes, or I do a big salad with 200-300gr of protein. I count my meals everyday so I make sure I eat enough calories and not to much. (40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat). I don't do sugar. I don't like sweets. 

Tonight I made a sweet potato omelette. (300gr sweet potato, 6 eggs, some spices). EASY!

Great boxing night at Bluemoon Indigo 02 Indigo arena

1 augusti 2018

Thank you everyone from the Bluemoon team for running this such a great event last saturday at the Indigo 02 arena in London. I felt the lovely atmosphere inside there and I really enjoyed the fight night.

My manager worked the corners with Steve and Dave from the Club. Colin has been trained some of the fighters for ten weeks now, both white collar and celebrity fighters. My new friend Kevin Freshwater and Kirsty J Curtis did it all well and I am pleased.

Thank to the people, friends and new friends for making this night and the afterwards part a really good one. I looking forward to the next Bluemoon Show the 29th of september. Follow me on instagram/my timeline to have a look about what happens in my life and somedays see the fighters in the gym working out. Cheers.

Kevin Freshwater on this one.

License approved

26 juli 2018

BBoC have done everything they can to help me as quick as possible to approve my Brittish Boxing License. Im pleased. The BBoC license is the biggest you can have in the world and it means Im allowed to box all over the world. They told me Ive done history by being the first women boxer from Sweden that got a British License approved. Its nice, isn't it?

Next step is my medicals next week, and then its up to my manager to make me a biz fighter. I can't wait to be on a show. Bosse Högberg said he was as best when he boxed every third week. Everyone is different. I am here to box, and I am going to do it. A LOT! No matter what.

By the help of my sponsers Osteria Due Amici, (restaurant in the heart of upminster), Lighthouse Service (Barry Davis), and Rich Demolition LTD (Richie Burke), I can finally work as a full-time fighter and with their generousness I probably can come back with titles around my belly.

Lighthouse Services Limited Barry Davis New Sponsor

19 juli 2018

A new sponsor on board.

Again I am very glad to be in this boxing game supported by good people. Lighthouse Services Limited is now official a part of my team. The sky is not my limit, I am going for the galaxy. On my right side stands Barry Davis.

You will find this company in Hornchurch, Essex. A truly sponsor which has been a part of Colin Lynes boxing carrier, now a part of mine and I am pleased by my soul and heart to having them, because they knows how hard this game is. They also know what it takes for a boxer to reach the galaxy. For a boxer. You need the team. We are not alone.


The purpose of art is washing the duty of daily life off our souls

17 juli 2018

- Pablo Picasso.

Every morning I wake up thinking about How to make this day become better than yesterday, what can I do different. How can I be better? Both boxingwise, buisnesswise, aswell as private or in relation with friends and family. The small steps that makes me be a better person, which means I be a better person for you. 

There are small steps, and some things I have to do (or not do) everyday to nearly getting there;
I dont do stress. For example, I make sure planning my time to do not coming late for an important meeting. I rather don't come then coming to late. I don't do late. I don't like when people coming late, its unrespektful, and I don't do unrespektful.
At first I do what is best for me, then I do whats best for others. When Im done with "my to does" Im all free to enjoy others. The discipline of "making things happen" is about follow up the schedule of "doings" until it feels alright. 
I am listen to other peoples misstakes and try to do not do the same, and even don't do my own ones a second time. 

Lyned up

16 juli 2018

We did not know about this. The Boxing News magazine put som extra lines about Colin, his carrier, about he signing me and more in the newspaper last friday. Its good reading about someone who always been on fire. And the magazine is good reading to keep yourself update. (Me!)..

We gonna Rise Rise Rise til we

12 juli 2018

Training so far.

Is going good. Im not overtraining - but training hard as I love to. It took me around two weeks to get used to what new. Its a big change I have done and people keep telling me I am brave to leave my country, leave my former trainer, leave my jobs, my flat and more. For me its a part of life to be successful, and i have always told myself I need to do whats best for my carrier if needed. And this is what needed. I am sorry, Sweden is to small for me. I want it bigger. I want to explore. And Im not afraid.

Happily I found the perfect manager for me. Someone who cares about me for real, someone who is like a brother to me, someone who listen to me and makes me listen to him. Who has done what I am going to do, even If he keeps telling me I am going higher then he could. And I feel comfortable knowing Colin for real knows how it feels to take a punch, training and fighting agains all odds when life sucks. I tell you - there are not many people in this world like him being such a strong person inside and outside, the mental strength part. Keeping forward with a smile on the face even in the worst situations. All respekt for him. And I am thankful.

In three weeks we have achieved more then I could imagine. Girls keeping asking us for sparring, and want to come to our gym to sparr me for their develop. In this time I have two (official) money sponsors who will be a big part of our jearney. (The restaurant Osteria Due Amice - reed the post below), and (Lighthouse Service, Barry Davis). Another one is on way, and also (DSMFitness, a Norway company) sending training clothes for me. We are looking for a couple of more sponsors to make life easier to fullfil the dreams. 

The BBoC working very hard and quick to give me my new British Licens, and the Swedish Boxing Committee ended me and the BBoC a lovely letter about me to them and wished me luck. This means Colin can in a couple of weeks time put me on a show. We looking for September, latest early October. You have the perfect show for me? Let us know.

Osteria Due Amici Upminster Sponser

12 juli 2018

I am very happy to announce the Italian Restaurant Osteria Due Amici as my new sponsor to help and further my professional boxing carrier. On my left side you find the owner Edward and on my right side is Head Chef Mark Wright. You will find this restaurant located in the heart of Upminster, Essex. Serves delicious classy food and the service is excellent. Check out their webpage and meny at www.odaessex.co.uk. You can also find their instagram: Oda_essex.

I hope you the ones who visit the restaurant will enjoy the time and love the food they make for you. The head chef Mark Wright is high experienced being in the branch for twenty years, overseas and London. He trained at many of London´s finest hotels and awarded a scholarship with sir Terence Conrad at his Apprentice chef school, point de la tour in London. Been running many restaurants abroad and now turning back to Upminster where he grew up to run this beautiful restaurant as successful as previous ventures.

Its my pleasure being a part of this success. Thank you.

Sweatlab goes England

10 juli 2018

For me is boxing a hundred percent choice of a lifestyle and I love every day of my life. To love life is to take responsibility. I have started a new cooperation with Sweatlab Sports that sells Eco Products based on biotechniqe. Their product handle the bad smell from your gloves, equipment and clothes. My choice since a couple of months back, is to now on always take care of my equipment with Knocc Out and Clean Power. 

For them who believes in a better future, I beg you to start using these products. 100% ecologic. It makes sense If we can do something for the nature - we will feel better ourselfs. 

Welcome Sweatlab into my world of sweat, blood, laughs, tears and success.

My dear friends, try this product and let me know what you think about it. To get 10% reduced price. Use my code #luwi018. 

On a jearney like this

28 juni 2018

Everyday is a learning day. It does not matter how much you learn about something daily as long making sure there is something new every day, cause life is long enough to get lots of experiences. No hurry, giving more patience. But when be open minded things will come to you. By listen to other people, they will be listen to you. Making people feel comfortable in your area and the whole world is yours. And you will be wiser, stronger and get even more opportunities.

Ive only been here in England living for a couple of days, nearby a week. And I love it. I love the fact I only need to focus on my professional training and business. It is what I always wanted. A young girls dreams come true. It doesn't means it easy. I everyday have to think about the moment, the future, cooperations, social media, connecting with great people, making my big plans come true and much more. And its what I love to. I enjoy spending time with new people and let knowing new kind of persons. I like listen to stories, laughing and spending my time in right way. 

My new home-gym is fair enough. Not big, but familiar and has all what needed and is placed very close to where I live. Only two minutes away, isn't it good? Im looking for a sport athletic center where I can do my explosiva olympic lifting, my coach will bring me to one today, they have been offered us som great coaching.

I do actually missing some routine I use to have home in Sweden, when went to the boxing with Luis Lagerman every day 13 o´clock, one piece of my heart is broken, but will be healed again, Olympic Lifting at Bosön with Linda (Sweatstore.nu), my work at House of Shapes with lovely people. Everything over here is a lit different and I have to get used to new routines, even if I am a person don't like tooo big changes at same time. Will be good. Patience. 

I am having Rival Boxinggear by my side,
Same with Sweatlab Sports (products for using on the gear n equipment to make them hold longer),
Even DSMFitness.se, I will wear some of their clothes in future pictures

Life never hit hard enough

18 juni 2018

We like challenges? How much are we prepared to give to get the best challenges we can have? How much are we ready to risk to go get what we want?

Questions that I often ask myself. 
As older I grow I learn - loosing people or loosing friends can be about the hardest in life. A real good friendship is worth everything. No one want to stand alone. People are important to me, friends even more. I do everything in my power to take care of my friends, and love them with all my heart - and I promise even if I am moving to another country and I am going for the TOP OF THE WORLD, and beating everyone standing in my way in the ring of classical boxing. I will still think about you. Never leave people who means something to me only because a different carrier. I am never far away. And I have much love, experiences and energy to give to people who earns in.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous, be strong. Do everything in love.

Walk on wood or dance on line

3 juni 2018

Its two weeks left almost till I move to Hornchurch, Essex, England. The days going fast now. Right now, I live like these last couple of weeks would be that last in my life. I try to be hundred percent happy, I enjoy relaxing time compare to work (PT, Nutrition coaching, massage, classes, boxing event etc). And I enjoy the beautiful weather, chill out with friends, good practice and more.

Mikaela Lauren and Peder Södersten Wedding

30 maj 2018

Last weekend, last friday, was one of the best days of my life so far. I can't tell you why yet except it was Mikaela Lauren and Peder Söderstens wedding day.

A beautiful day, probably this years hottest day. We went to the church to engage them at daytime. Both looked beautiful. So peaceful and so in love with each other. Afterwards the guests went down to get a starter drink at a boat that took us to Färgfabriken, a big classy building. We enjoyed the wedding dinner and a afterwards party all night.

The man beside me, Kristjan Lootus, known by Lets Dance, prodancer. I loved the whole night spending time with him and others at the wedding. Playing, laughing and dancing with the stars. It was a lovely night of love. Delicious food, well spoked speeches. Dancing. Musik. Dj. I wish my friends Mikaela and Peder all luck wishes now and forever in future. Thanks.

Moving to England for the next level

15 maj 2018

Official information.

In five weeks Im moving to Hornchurch, England to be trained and managed by Colin Lynes (Former IBO world, British and European Champion). O have to do what is best for me. I am looking forward to do boxing as my full-time work. It is what needed if you want to become the very best boxer of the world. I have never been afraid of taking steps when I believe its the right choices. I am very thankful for everything the Swedish Proboxing Commite have done for me, my supporters and my former trainer Luis lagerman. The British Board of Control will give me the new license and within the training I can have a next fight in late summertime. I hope you everyone enjoy my choose of moving and I look forward to bring the big titles home back to Sweden, love you all. Thanks.

TKO win the 5th may

8 maj 2018

I am so happy. Got my third win in lightweight as a professional boxer. And still undefeated with a record of 3-0-0 (2KO). 

The venue was brilliant, especially all the people who come to watch. All support from the crowd. Friends, family and others. Remember its because of you, we boxers can still fight.

I did my best fight so far in my carrier. Won against a Georgian girl having 9 fights, 5 wins and 4 KO on her record. She is ranked. It made it possible for me to step up a level, looking for a new fight in summertime. 

The team, Luis Lagerman, Calum and Elsa.

My aunt and young supporters.

With Colin Lynes, Former professional boxer, IBO world, British and european Title. Trainer and Manager.

After the venue on way to party, with my mum beside me.

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