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Start Deal for Massage PT

22 november 2017

Next week Im available to book some PT, boxing and massage. 

I will give every new booking a little extra price the common two weeks (and the others working with me regular also). Its a start-package for new people. 500kr/massage/PT. (instead of 700kr PT/ 850kr massage). Send PM.

maxi elite

19 november 2017

My new sign.

I am very happy and glad by having met Zoran Maksic. A man who works with some of the best athletes in the world, in different sports to get in shape for training, life and competing. For example George Scott (boxning), Mattias Sunnebord (friidrott), Rickard Nilsson (oly), Volume Kamara etc etc.

From the first time I spoke to Zoran I realized that he believes in the details. All the hard work and routine, the whole package of what an athlete/fighter/competer need in life to be a world champion. All the dedication, everyday. Zoran knows exactly how it is. And I do believe he can make me perform 50% more than I do today, both in training and competing. 

Its important what you eat, how your body works with the diet, how your genes works, your head, your mind. Recover fast as possible. Its different for a woman than a man. An athlete (or everyone) need to be sure about what to eat, eat clean, healthy, with routine and there are also times of a day when is best eating what etc etc etc. (Which supplements, diet, training, is best for me). All this perfection is Zoran specialized on!

I am very happy to have met you and I am looking for a many years long road to the top of a very interesting carrier of boxing. 


19 november 2017

Guess what happened me last friday morning? I felt like a princess, waking up with someone knocking on my door to deliver a package of stuff from SLVRBACK for me to try on. So happy. Am I spoiled?

I took a run with their tights, and later on the friday I did twice boxing sessions using them and I felt so (actually) sexy and comfortable having this kind of tights. They hold my abs tight and my ass in good-looking shape. HAHAHA

And the perfekt shaker! Steel-shaker. Really glad I got pairs of these. Hold your water, PWO, BCAA och protein cold the whole day, OR - your coffee HOT! Its perfekt! They having also belts and wrist raps on their website.

I made a deal with SLVRBCK for you, my followers to having reduced price when buying on their website. Just use the code "Lucy15" and its 15% better price on the total. Tell me later how you think the products is.

TV10 and viaplay

16 november 2017

Official information,

Our fight the 25th of November in Portsmouth UK, at Al Siestas Show "Unbreakable" will be televised at TV10 and VIaplat Sport Sverige. Beside the television channel for big parts of Europe. I am gonna fight in Rival Boxing gear and wear with my coach Luis Lagerman in my corner. Thanks to my sponsors: Waan Thai Stockholm, Slagskeppet, and to my followers and friends which had help and supported me. And even thanks to my sparring partners so far.

Positive vibes

14 november 2017

Training is going good. Next week its time for #wildtime again. My head is full of boxing, almost the only thing I am thinking about right now. How i want to enjoy the crown, how i want to feel inside the ring, how hard I am going to work inside to make my visions become true. But I have also many things to think about outside the ring. A part of life of course. Which also makes life on fire. If life would be to easy it would be boring. 

I love my supporters. People gives me positive vibes every day and it makes me feel important, as much as I hope I can inspire somebody. My pleasure. Thank you.


13 november 2017

Everyone is doing different. I think its important to have doing preparation with all you got, when you step up the ring - that you have done all you could. Whatever happens, you have done your best. This fight is on short notice. Bit I have done at least 100 rounds of sparring last couple of weeks. Easy and Hard. I have the condition to do 10 rounds. This fight will be 4x2min. 

I am eating VERY clean, high protein and great choices of fat. Smaller portions of; avocado, eggs, macerell, cod, black pudding, grapefruit, onion, chicken, butter, lemon, lime, chili, garlic, pomegranate etc.

I take walk in the morning to wake up, having breakfast, doing twice trainings a day, relax/work between, trying to sleep early. Anyway I wake up many times a night and I am an early bird.

Having no injuries. My chiropractor hold me tight, Fredrik Lundqvist. And I do a lot of foamrooling, stretch and movements.

My weight two weeks away is 1 to 1,5kg over. Its perfect! And I still drink and eat a lot.

I really want to enjoy the public at the show, and I hope they will love my boxing style. Any how I will be happy standing in the ring again and do my very best and be happy by myself. A big thank to my coach Luis Lagerman teaching me boxing every day. Big love!

My saturdays be like

12 november 2017

I guess i must be one of them most boring persons to hang out with. A saturday has never been a pub- och partying saturday to me. All my years I have been waking up, with domns in body ready for a new training day. Often always with a smile on my lips, knowing everything will be alright after my first training of the day. Saturdays is always perfect days to work hard or do sparring. Hopefully two sessions. What happens then? .. I'm walking home, tired and alone lol. Yes, someday I will find someone to spend my time with. I hope! But who wants to have a trainaholic as a partner ha ha (Actually, I can be a cozy, relaxed girlfriend also).

Yesterday I was happy by doing two sparring sessions. I have different partners to sparr. Erik always help me. He is tough, great conditioned, an we have no problem playing around for ten rounds. Tough love! And Linnea, a beautiful future star (thaiboxing), will have no problem to beat you up by her boxing skills. I promise! There are also boxers at Starfights gym I sparr with, beautiful movement and tempo. I appreciate every round I can get from you guys. Thanks.

I am training hard right now. Twice a day. (and I walk 5am every morning two weeks before fight). Having one restday a week. I do unlike restdays. Luis trains me very hard and smart, normally five days a week. I do shorter runs closer to fight, intervals, intervals on the crossbike (my new love - only because I can sit down and watch lomanchenko at same time). I don't lift heavy, I lift explosive. I always do. But with heavy weights lol. More less before fight.

The best thing by having a fight coming up, a goal - is the feeling while training when you givit all you got. Every punch I shoot it feels like killing someone. 

Thank you!

11 november 2017

Two weeks away until Fight Night i Portsmouth UK! Cant wait. 

I am happy to tell you that we have reached the goal about raising money to pay for the fight (at this short notice). Its all about you - making this happen! 

Big thank you to sponsor;
Waan Thai Stockholm

And to all friends and followers donated a total of 10380kr.
Nelli Barsegjan, Marcus Appelgren, Patricia Eustachio Colombo, Sara Svensson, Viktor Andersson, Tilda Fransson, Henrik Larsson, Fredrik Örtengren, Lech Zielinski, Mikael Wartin, Moa Björk Fält, Gabriella Elm, Thomas Fält, Anita Björk Fält, Joakim Dettner, Levi Karlsson, Josefine Eriksson Ahlskog, Per Fransson, Anders Carlstedt, Dorotea Bennett, Cengizhan Caglayan, Håkan Gunnarsson, Kai Yin Leung, Mikael Larsson, Anonym, Marcus Cederberg, Patrik Alfredsson, Steph Räkan, Alex Wiger, Eric Engström, Anna Rantanen, Cecilia Tibell.


7 november 2017

Now Ive got a date for my second professional boxing contest. It will be on Al Siesta Promotion Show in Portsmouth UK the 25th of November. 

I have been working with Siesta Promotion before and I am very happy to be in the team to make this show unbelievable. Me and Luis are ready for another great win and to come home to Sweden still undefeated. 

I am going to fight in Rival custom-made special designed fightwear and a new pair of fight gloves they have been sending over for me from the USA. Thanks for sponsring me.

To ask for tickets send a message!
You can also get in contact with Siesta Boxing Promotions and Michael Ballingall with Spencer Fearon, Anthony Crolla, Michael Mckinson, Paul Kamanga Full, Lucas Ballingall, Floyd Moore, David Birmingham, Luther Mtimkulu, Darren Cruise, Max Wicks, Israel U, Eric Sean Krool.

Sunday heroes

6 november 2017

I have good news, really good news. But I will tell you about it later today.

At first I will give away a big thank you to the sunday heroes that donate money to this upcoming fight. For me - its "not" the money that makes me happy, its the thing that YOU believing in me, and that YOU want to be a part of all this. It´s like being with me in the ring fighting. Every punch I will be throwing Im going to have to much power included, thank by YOU! Please have a look on the event "Help på raise money" on my Wildheart Fanpage on Facebook and share it if you want. 

The sunday heroes; Dorotea Bennett, Cengizhan Caglayan, Håkan Gunnarsson, Kai Yin Leung, Moa Björk Fält, Mikael Larsson, Cecilia Tibell.

Lets go monday!

A jab in one direction

5 november 2017

I am very happy and proud of you all who are actually willing to help me and my team to raise money for the next chapter in my boxing history. As you know boxing for women isn't easy at all in the beginning because we have to pay promoter, our opponent travel, hotel/flights fees and purse, our own flight tickets and hotel, boxing board of control etc etc. And this fight will be on very short notice.

In two days we have reached 6130kr with the donation campaign, and it makes me very very happy. Every little help helps big enough. 

I put out the name of the people who has donate money to my swish account for boxing;
Nelli Barsegjan, Marcus Appelgren, Sara Svensson, Viktor Andersson, Mikael Wartin, Anita Björk Fäljt, Thomas Björk Fält, Lech Zielinski, Fredrik Örtengren, Henrik Larsson, Tilda Fransson, Patricia Eustachio Colombo, Gabriella Elm, Joakim Dettner, Levi Karlsson, Josefine Ahlskog Eriksson, Per Fransson, Anders Carlstedt.

Thank you so much! 

Help me raise money

5 november 2017

To all my friends and loyal supporters that keep on messaging and asking about my next professional contest, I have good news and bad news. I have been offered an opportunity to fight at short notice in Manchester UK. For anyone that knows me will be aware that I live and breath boxing and i'm in the gym daily, so fighting at short notice is never a problem to me. The problem is being a foreign fighter boxing in the UK I have to pay sanctioning fees, my hotel an travel and the purse for my opponent and her travel expenses. Meaning I will earn no money myself, that is not a problem. I'm not in this game to earn money, I’m in it to perform, entertain and appreciate the people who appreciate me for the hard work and dedication I show.

I do not wish to let my team down and all of you loyal people that have kindly supported me on my journey so far. Therefore I have decided to start a contribution campaign/sponsorship to see if I can raise funds to contribute towards the next chapter in my Boxing career. Absolutely any donation no matter how small will help and be much appreciated. For all those kind enough and able to make a donation I can promise you two things, a thank you via my social media network and promise that I will do us all proud winning my second professional fight and returning to Sweden still undefeated.

Best regards
Lucy Wildheart

Please have a watch at my instagram account LucyWildheart and my Facebook Fanpage Wildheart. More information about the donation will shows on the website aswell as at inste/face. Thanks.


1 november 2017

Its about how you feel when you perform, not about how other people look at you and think you perform. Boxing is an eye-catching sport, people will always judge you. If you want to be the best, box from your heart, every day - and then, people will watch you and think you box beautiful.

Break in Barcelona, before fight

27 oktober 2017

Five days with an Americano coffee to go on the beach. My body and mind was in need of this short break, or in need of some sun, warmth, water and tan. So when a friend asked me to follow (as a gift) I couldn't say no.

Its just the little of being away thats worth it - getting a little tan, moving the toes in the sand on the beach, taking a swim in the ocean, discover something. I have like doing "nothing" those days, beside two running sessions around a castle, one gym and shadowboxing session, walking around quite many hours, relaxing, reading my book (MAT MYTEN) and sleeping - and eating, but because I probably have a fight in early December (not official yet) I can not eat everything, stay with my eggs, tuna, salat and black

Now Im home, having new energy to spread. As I said It looks like I can have a fight quite soon, so I will get ready for this. Train harder then ever, eat cleaner than ever, make money and having meetings with sponsors to pay the fight. I have also quit my full-time job, and will now on be at the gym almost full-time (BOOK ME!?) beside another small work that fits me even better than my last - Spy. ;P

Follow my Instagram LucyWildheart to watch more photos of what I am doing daily. #solatiblekinge

Viaplay TV Show

20 oktober 2017

For everyone who use to watch my website or follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I guess you watched Viaplay Fighting yesterday. I was in the studio with my trainer (otherwise he works as an expert commentator at Viaplay/Viasat commenting the biggest fights in the world), and Magnus Dahlborn. At the TV-show we was talking about the fight between Mikaela Lauren and Cecilia Breakhus on saturday. Magnus present me and we was talking shortly about my career, me and Luis training, about my future opponents, Katie Taylor, Delphine Person, Ewa Wahlström, about Klara Svensson Fighting and other interesting things. I do also present who about Klara and Mikaele who punch hardest... lol! 

Make sure to have a look at my Facebooksite Lucy Wildheart or Viaplay Fighting on Facebook. 

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