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I am Lucy Wildheart.

Why work with me?

I am a Professional World Ranked Boxer and a competing Crossfit Athlete.

I have been active in the fitness/sports business since 2011 and I am an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Sports Therapist, Nutritionist, and Dancer. I have substantial further education on elite sports, organisation, anti-doping, injuries, sport psychology, and more.

I am passionate about everything around fitness, health, and sustaining a positive mindset. I love competing and challenging myself. I like to carry this through for my clients allowing them to reach levels they never thought of before. I would describe myself as detailed, organised, resilient, and highly driven for progress.

Facts about me

Division: Featherweight, 57kg
Age: 29
Nationality: Swedish
Residence: Brentwood, UK
Trainer: Samm Mullins, Churchill´s Boxing Gym London
Gym: Churchill´s Boxing Gym London, The Training Design Chelmsford.


Professional Boxing Achievements:

My Services

Personal Training

I can offer you 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 Boxing & Fitness training. (Padwork, bagwork, boxing fitness, conditioning training, strength, mobility etc.) I can also offer you strength/fitness programs to do at home and I can help and coach you online. All Personal Training will be custom-made for you to suit your lifestyle, work and activities.


Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to calculate calories, macros and micros. Get a custom-made food plan/structure that works for you and around your activities and work situation. The plan will help you get closer to your goals whether it is to lose weight, maintain, gain weight or on average apply a better healthy lifestyle without spending a fortune on food items. Depending on your goal I can be with you the whole way or help you get going at the start. I will continuously check up on you and I will be available on WhatsApp.


Group Training

Group training is great for you who enjoy the energy being shared in a group. The sessions involve warm up/mobility, partner work with and without boxing gloves, high and low intense exercises, core strength and much more.

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