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17 januari 2018

My everydays are very exciting, right now. 

Something new happen every day. I meet new inspirational people. What I do, I want to listen, learn and know them. Surrounded by people on mostly the same mission as yourself, will give more excitement to life.

The newspaper MITT I LIDINGÖ had an interview with me. They were very softly and we had a great talk.

I am going to do more interviews with them and other newspaper and magazines in near future. 

I am almost done with on of my latest songs, and a radio channel will send it live within me talking. Follow me on Facebook to get more information quicker. 

I will also do jobs with that perfect well-known photographer Jörgen Reimer. He has done big projects in life, working national and international. This can be interesting - a new side of me you haven't seen before. 

Stay tuned, and I will keep it up. 

Photo: Stefan Källstigen, Mitt i Lidingö

2018 new year thoughts

6 januari 2018

Be the one you want to be. Everyday Everytime #kostumesparring

The day has come, the day to end a chapter in life to start a new one. I will explain; every day is important to me. Every minute. I don't leave anything on its edge. I have dreams. I do plans. I create the life I want to live, chapter by chapter. And its not easy, the mostly days I am vert thankful to have, and some days I am sad and tired of life and issues; yes Issues, What is all included when creating the life. And I like it!

Year 2017 has given me big experience. A learning year. I ended my dance education, become a professional boxer, did a thunder debut with a KO win, did my second fight with another win. I have been working with my company and plans för 2018. Ive written music. Danced. Traveled. Met new people.

2018, I am ready for new fights to explore. I want to work a lot, with all the projects. I want to be in the dance studio and the music studio even more. I am going to - to discover US, more than once. And my friends and family. Taking care of them as much as possible. 

I want to thank all people around me that Ive worked with, people who have supported me, sponsors, friends and family. Lets make 2018 even better! #wildtime

Christmas Eve in Mora

27 december 2017

I have had som beautiful snowy days in Mora together with Robert. He has been teaching me doing cross-country-skiing, and I really enjoyed it. My big idols in life is the greatest athletes of skiing. Their goals is enormous, so are mine but in boxing. 

While cross-country-skiing I realized that balance and relaxing make differens. Like "take it easy" enjoying the country. Just having fun and the teqnich will come to you by learning. Directly after the training I got doms is my hips and abs, its a lot of abs working to ski. I guess my legs are stronger. The condition - no problem. I always use my pulse clock to make sure "I am taking it easy" if is not a session with intervals when I am training. Next year I would love to try a cross-country-skirace, it all depends on my boxing competitions of course - but for fun. Otherwise for the condition training, its easier to do longer sessions by skiing then running. 

On Christmas Eve, my left leg was swelling. It came from a scrape one week ago. I got also fever. So we went to the hospital to get it sorted. They made a small cut in my leg to let the blood out. Directly it felt better. Now I am cleaning the scrape everyday and I have been resting from training. I will wait some more days until I go back to interval training, but I am back with small sessions. It feels all good. I have done a new training schedule to go ahead with and a better nutrition plan, so I can't wait to start with it. I believe next year will feel so good!

Anyway. Thank you Robert being with me at the hospital on our Christmas Eve. 

Maxielit Slagskeppet Gym Bosön Kalmar Instrumentteknik AB