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Lighthouse Services Limited Barry Davis New Sponsor

19 juli 2018

A new sponsor on board.

Again I am very glad to be in this boxing game supported by good people. Lighthouse Services Limited is now official a part of my team. The sky is not my limit, I am going for the galaxy. On my right side stands Barry Davis.

You will find this company in Hornchurch, Essex. A truly sponsor which has been a part of Colin Lynes boxing carrier, now a part of mine and I am pleased by my soul and heart to having them, because they knows how hard this game is. They also know what it takes for a boxer to reach the galaxy. For a boxer. You need the team. We are not alone.


The purpose of art is washing the duty of daily life off our souls

17 juli 2018

- Pablo Picasso.

Every morning I wake up thinking about How to make this day become better than yesterday, what can I do different. How can I be better? Both boxingwise, buisnesswise, aswell as private or in relation with friends and family. The small steps that makes me be a better person, which means I be a better person for you. 

There are small steps, and some things I have to do (or not do) everyday to nearly getting there;
I dont do stress. For example, I make sure planning my time to do not coming late for an important meeting. I rather don't come then coming to late. I don't do late. I don't like when people coming late, its unrespektful, and I don't do unrespektful.
At first I do what is best for me, then I do whats best for others. When Im done with "my to does" Im all free to enjoy others. The discipline of "making things happen" is about follow up the schedule of "doings" until it feels alright. 
I am listen to other peoples misstakes and try to do not do the same, and even don't do my own ones a second time. 

Lyned up

16 juli 2018

We did not know about this. The Boxing News magazine put som extra lines about Colin, his carrier, about he signing me and more in the newspaper last friday. Its good reading about someone who always been on fire. And the magazine is good reading to keep yourself update. (Me!)..

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