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exclusive news salong dingo

7 december 2017

Now its available to book you massage (sport) AND diet-coaching by me at Salong Dingo, Rehnsgatan 24, City of Stockholm. A professional and beautiful skin lounge with much love and fighting spirit. I am happy and proud for now on working with my friend and sparringpartner Linnea Sundberg. Come to Salong Dingo and buy your Christmas Presents from us!

My booking-schedule is open to book, click into the link to book a time that works for you.
I have a several great deals to offer you. For example: Use code: Wildheart2 to get 100kr reduced price on your first booking. Christmas is coming close. I can offer you a package of massage to someone you love, or yourself, your family. Welcome to Salong Dingo! We do the professional work for you.

Diet coaching - Perform/loose weight

4 december 2017

There are so many people asking me How I eat, How I train and How I perform. For me its quite simple, I eat clean and training hard. I am "never" ill or injured, I always make my weight on point, I almost Always feel strong while training and I have a lot of energy. What I eat Is very important to how I will perform. Its the details making differens.

I have study nutrition at different schools, I have taking courses, I have listen to people, working with klients, I have trying everything myself. Everyday I educate myself about nutrition. I know how it feels to be thinking about food 24/7 a day, to having anorexi/bullemi, how stress makes us eat more or less, I know how it feels to fall apart over and over again with no success of losing weight, I know what kind of problems your terms gets while eating and drinking wrong - is it worth it? No, not for anyone. 

In the daily life, the food companies and industry put so much shit into the food to make business. Its all about making business and we need to open our eyes. For example, NOCCO!! With its wrong HP balance - its the worse a sport athletic man can give its body. Anyway everyone think its soon good. NO! Please.

So, because many people asks me, and want my information I have decided to start diet coaching. I have only time for two or three persons at same time. We will go through a changing of lifestyle, and make you realize how your body works and what kind of food works for you. And I will teach you what food actually do to your body. We will have daily contact in the beginning. You will send me information of what you eat and I give you feedback or a schedule of course if you need that. I will make this quite cheap in the beginning for first three ones that will join.

Send a message to,, or contact me at 0733-128138. I am open to make a better start for you to the next year 2018!!!

FF, Superior C, and maxi elit

3 december 2017

The days going fast, this weekend is almost over. Going so quick! And its almost Christmas and I haven't even left a thought about that. Poor me! All my feelings has been put on my last fight, every training around and even about planning my work - and working with people. As you know I do Massage and PT-trainings at Slagskeppet (and for now on even massage on Salong Dingo, Rehnsgatan). But let me tell you about it on the next chapter. 

The last couple of days I have been with my very best sponsor Zoran, the owner of MAXI ELIT. My new sponsor and performance coach. Thank you Patricia linking us together. I believe Zoran can help me raise a new level of myself, and I already can feel in my body how much better I have been, just by changing small bits about my nutrition, my mind and my training. Everything I do as a boxer I have to be sure it will help me perform even better, aswell in training as competing. I have to be openminded looking for new options and ways to be a better person and trust and listen to others I know have right in what they are saying. (But If I think they are stupid, of course I don't listen). But I trust in Zoran, I know he can make a better me. He has been worked with some op the best in different sports all the way up to Olympics. He is big educated and having experiences many people could kill for. Thank you.

We got tickets from the owner of Superior Challenge to watch MMA fights in Eriksdalshallen last night. Great atmosphere. Thank you. It was my pleasure sitting closest to the ring, feeling the blood and sweat almost touching my lips. I love fighting. I really love it. Afterward a good friend of mine picked me up to having a glass of red wine from france in front of the television televised Anthony Yigits fight. AND Chantelle Cameron!! Who is someone I really want to fight.... to be continued ;P

With Oscar Ahlin, lol!

Zoran and me, on Fitness Festivalen. Team Maxi Elit. 

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