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18 september 2017

Long time no seen.

What I do? 

I work a lot. After this summer ended Bosön (my other home) offered me to continue with them. They gave me the option to work full-time. And I said yes. My first plan before the summer was to go ahead with my dance studies att Balettakademien Stockholm. (Today I feel a little sorry that I didn't). But a full-time work very close to my apartment and my training (boxing) is important also. And I can always go back to dance, or I can study att Danshögskolan next year or later in my carrier when I want to. For now on I take only classes with my favorite teachers I love very much.

Boxingwise, I got new options and new great people working on my carrier. They are planning and told me to prepare me to fight very soon. Probably they got an option for me And I just wait. The good thing with having people working for you, is that you can focus on what is you thing. I just only need to do my work and train very good. As I do. Luis taking very good care of me, we workout a lot. And I do running, sprint, intervals, heavy lifting, explosive training (its olympic lifting), etc. And Ive been very strong last couple of months. 

I hope I will have a fight upcoming very soon. I can't wait. Im always ready.

Tights coming from Sweatstore.nu
Check them out. 

Prepare to fight and new working partners

26 juni 2017

Time flies. Wow. Cant believe its almost two month since my last fight and It feels like yesterday. And now Im booked on a new one coming up the 8th of July (this time) in the UK! My second professional fight. 

What to expect,
Ive been training very hard the last weeks, and still having a sparring camp training season lead by my trainer Luis Lagerman right know. Last week I hade almost 45 rounds of sparring training. Its good. Beside that I run a lot. Many times a week. I love to run, and I need to keep in weight. And I am also dieting to get in "the last" shape for my fight, and also the fight after. To weight a little less. My weightless is between feather lightweight and lightweight. 

The last weeks me and my (let me present Krister) photographer/communicate-manager/buisnesspartner in Sweden, have been working a lot to prepare and make great deals with the different companies, which is very interesting in what I am doing and my future carrier. Beside that Veresport is working for me in the UK. What I will tell, - if you and your company is one of those who also want to come onboard to stay before everything raise. Send an email to lucy@wildheart.se and I will help you get in contact with the right person. 

I want to present two new sponsors for a longer time. 

Welcome Waan Thai. A restaurant at St. Eriksplan in City of Stockholm, with fantastic tasty food. They are now going to help me big time. And perhaps (soon) you will find a photo about me in action on their wall in the restaurant. 

And Welcome Molind. (molind.se). It was a pleasure to meat Göran Molin, I guess we will work perfectly together in future. Big dreams, big plans. 

Quick changed date of debut and knockout round one

8 maj 2017

Ha, life can be so funny sometimes.

My planned professional debut should be on Al Siestas Show in Guildhall, Southampton now on friday the 12th. But last week we´ve hot problem with the Board of Control that did not give me allowed to do my debut in the UK. From the beginning we thought they would. So what to do?

My promoter Al Siesta and Manager Richard Farnan had to do work as a horse to find a show for me in another country to fight on, which been Poland last saturday in Elk. We got the answer friday morning and booked flights the same day. Richard from UK and me from Sweden met up in Warsaw, and then we had to travel by bus to Elk. We made it. 

The show in Elk was actually big, and televised (not my fight). It was good fighters on the card. I had the fight numer two against a Lituania girl, former amateur. I hurt hur a lot from the beginning and her trainer cancelled the fight. The thing is that I step into this ring knowing I had only one chance to be on Al Siestas Show - I had to knock her out at least in round number two, and thats because of a 7-days rule and its only 6 days between thoose fights. If you knock in two rounds you don´t have to count with the rule. 

So I put my mind of Iron on, not even nervous. Just did what I had to do. And then we went home. 29h of travelling to be in the ring this short, thats a part of a professional boxers life. I know what I am prepared to do. And I know what I want, and I know how I want to feel.

Let us now fight in Southampton in five days. Friday. Ive been looking forward to this. BIGTIME!

Thanks to Olof Johansson, Swedish Pro Commissions that believed I could make it, and given me the Fight Permit so quick! And thanks to Richard Farnan who travelled with me. To Al Siesta. To my trainers Richard Seifert and Luis Lagerman that makes me always ready. And big thanks to the journalists that writing many good things about me. Happy with that!

You are welcome to follow me on Facebook: Page Wildheart, or Instagram: LucyWildheart :)

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