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love yourself and talk from the heart

22 februari 2018

Hi everybody! I hope you having some really good days in this cold time of the year. I am not happy with cold weather anymore. When I was a child an until I was 20 years old I loved when it was all raining outside, cold, snowy, windy - when I was outside training, even better if the clock turned in the middle of the night or early morning on weekends - when I thought no one else training, then I felt like a monster. Today I am a little more comfortable - OR, I use the reason that I don't want to be to destructive to myself and be care of injuries. I do also have less body fat to surround my muscles. Which make me freezing all the time.

But it doesn't mean I don't run outside. I love it, maybe I run outside 4-5 days a week - and I still feel like a monster. I love myself and I look for positive vibes out of my running. I think its important to tell yourself and others, "today I was really good". My friends Katarina and Jennie, we use to talk like that. I love when they telling me when they are monsters. I really enjoy it. Cause we are in a world we "need to" be happy all the time - or that is the goal. Nothing else is important if you don't feel good. And how can we feel good? Yes, it comes from what we tell ourselves from the inside. 

Its like, for the first time in my life I REALLY enjoy standing facing the mirror beside the ballet bar workout my body. Looking at myself, how I move, see what I have become so far, see other people, I can see that my body works with me (not every day lol) but almost. From being a dancer/boxer and totally falling in love with ballet like I could do it every day. As I do, almost one hour a day before boxing lesson. (But no one know, haha)...

Anyway, its about how you see yourself. Be honest to yourself, talk from the heart and everything will come to you. Its my opinion.

Thank you, talk later!

With Katarina Strandberg.

What a boxer or a dancer eat

13 februari 2018

What do a boxer eat? What do a dancer eat? You might think a ballerina eat nothing, maybe a carrot in time and a glass of water. And maybe you think the boxers never eat before the morning run and a lot of Pasta as Paolo Roberto. In my younger years I have been surfed into websites to find out this answer but never got i. What I learned from life is that many boxers eat clean before a fight, only the couple of weeks before, and (often) stress the last days before a fight (which is not good to each body or mind), and after a win they eat cheat. That worse thing you can do is to drink alcoholic, because of the brain. Many actually don't really know what they are eating or why, and I have seen many become sick or ill regular in their training season or after fights - and this is not normally, whatever you say. When everything come together, with great nights of sleep and enough clean nutrition you shall not get flued.

And a dancer, Ive seen two typically personality here. Some eat quite good, but too less and to less of proteins. Its often quark with sugar included, some kind of cornflakes, small lunch with pasta and sour milk cream within only maybe 10grams of protein (its like a half chicken). Otherwise they stay in shape, but Ive seen many dancers don't have the enough energy to workout with 100% quality, even if they does you can see in peoples eyes they need to work hard to stay in focus. The other type is a typically type with no experience at all about food. They says "I have been dancing thirty hours this week to I can eat whatever I want". Its NOT true. Dancing is never always high pulse training and candy in this case, everyday, would anyway be too much energy for this type of dancer - not good for the brain, and not good for their weight. 

Anyway It is still a kind of old rule that dancers shall eat less, smoke, work until they cry and the feet will fall apart. For me, I am the person who says "If you want to be a dancer, act lika a dancer, If you want to be a boxer, be the boxer", but by doing it in your own way. In every case the nutrition shall be good enough. With good nutrition it helps and makes you be ready for a show much faster, recover and to stay heal and full of energy.

I workout 12-18 times a week. Normally I have 5-6 times of boxing, 6-8 t.of. dancing, 3-4 t.of. running, 2 t.of. olympic lifting. It means I have to plan my meals quite well. (Or could I just eat whatever I want?). No. I do counting what I eat in an excel document, very easy, everything I eat, how many grams, calories etc, so I have the control of how much energy I have to workout with - and in this time of the year, closer to fight and I have to loose a couple of kilos, I eat less (much less). I have lost 4% fat from my body, and 3kg in two weeks. Diet food is fun food, you can eat so much more and still loose weight. Promise me. Just need to know how and be prepared.

Love New York and Gleasons Gym

28 januari 2018

Can this be maybe the shortest visit in NY? Two days, but it felt like two weeks.

For the first time in my life I came over to the States, New York. The main thing why - me and Linda went to a big event about tights because she has an online shop called Sweatstore. The store have the best tight I ever seen and used. They fit well and looks beautiful. We tights fanatic loves em. Koral in my favorit brand.

I went to the oldest an still active gym in New York, Brooklyn. Gleason´s gym where Muhammed Ali, Tyson etc has been trained. All these perfect boxers! Going inside there feeling the pulse of training entusiasts workout the ring, on way to be something more than they already are, maybe the next world champions. That feeling! I said that to one trainer after he took som photoshots of me and a world champ girl. "Believe, so many peoples dreams has come through, through this gym!". That trainer had a pads workout session with me. Yeah, why not. Even if I hadn't brought any training clothes with me. Boxing as a sport put people together.

So, Linda and I had this other day walking around at the shops checking brands, Trying Ney York´s kind of food. I had h half bagel. AND a donut. Believe that. HAHA! I don't really like this kind of food. But I tried and I liked it.

I love people in NY, so helpful. A gut followed me to the Gleason´s, others showed How the subway works, a police from one day met us the other day at another place (how?), when we stilled looked confused out of control. Guess he laughed.

People asked about my autograph in the stores when they heard Im a professional boxer. Some checked me directly on their computer. Funny. Its always important to make new friends. To be happy with each other. I always believe people are good until they show the opposite. 

One more thing! We thought we should come home friday day, but it was saturday. This mathematic counting the hours.. yeah.. what to say! Lol!

Okay, thank you for reading. All the best!

Maxielit Slagskeppet Gym Bosön Kalmar Instrumentteknik AB