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Start Deal for Massage PT

22 november 2017

Next week Im available to book some PT, boxing and massage. 

I will give every new booking a little extra price the common two weeks (and the others working with me regular also). Its a start-package for new people. 500kr/massage/PT. (instead of 700kr PT/ 850kr massage). Send PM.

maxi elite

19 november 2017

My new sign.

I am very happy and glad by having met Zoran Maksic. A man who works with some of the best athletes in the world, in different sports to get in shape for training, life and competing. For example George Scott (boxning), Mattias Sunnebord (friidrott), Rickard Nilsson (oly), Volume Kamara etc etc.

From the first time I spoke to Zoran I realized that he believes in the details. All the hard work and routine, the whole package of what an athlete/fighter/competer need in life to be a world champion. All the dedication, everyday. Zoran knows exactly how it is. And I do believe he can make me perform 50% more than I do today, both in training and competing. 

Its important what you eat, how your body works with the diet, how your genes works, your head, your mind. Recover fast as possible. Its different for a woman than a man. An athlete (or everyone) need to be sure about what to eat, eat clean, healthy, with routine and there are also times of a day when is best eating what etc etc etc. (Which supplements, diet, training, is best for me). All this perfection is Zoran specialized on!

I am very happy to have met you and I am looking for a many years long road to the top of a very interesting carrier of boxing. 


19 november 2017

Guess what happened me last friday morning? I felt like a princess, waking up with someone knocking on my door to deliver a package of stuff from SLVRBACK for me to try on. So happy. Am I spoiled?

I took a run with their tights, and later on the friday I did twice boxing sessions using them and I felt so (actually) sexy and comfortable having this kind of tights. They hold my abs tight and my ass in good-looking shape. HAHAHA

And the perfekt shaker! Steel-shaker. Really glad I got pairs of these. Hold your water, PWO, BCAA och protein cold the whole day, OR - your coffee HOT! Its perfekt! They having also belts and wrist raps on their website.

I made a deal with SLVRBCK for you, my followers to having reduced price when buying on their website. Just use the code "Lucy15" and its 15% better price on the total. Tell me later how you think the products is.

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