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why dedication

19 oktober 2017

In all my years of hard work, hard trainings, educations, jobs, dedication, badly happen things and quality happy life, i have been thinking about What makes me doing everything I want to do? What?

From where comes my dedication? A question I very often gets from followers. They also ask me how its possible Im so positive and strong, and always looking forward.

At some point I don't know. At some point I just want to relax, move to an empty iland and stay there forever alone. Play my old guitar and still write my own lyrics. But at some point I just only want to try new things I have never tried before. - adventures, new challenges, create new things, try out what works and what does not works for me. I want to see how good I can be by trying something new. And often because I set myself as a "beginner" when try new, I put no pressure on myself - and it makes me become quite good at it. Pressure does not help anyone. Relax helps everyone.

Often I don't want to tell people all the things I do cause I am afraid people will recognize me crazy. But that is crazy. Otherwise I tell people to do what they love and looking for. And never feel ashamed of anything. I guess you thing "thats what you do". (doesn't feel ashamed). But the truth is, I have so much more to show. Everyday for me feels like a new start of something big, and I everyday have to do something good to be better, feel stronger, win happier - and that is what is making me! Keeping forward. 


12 oktober 2017

Some people wonder when I am gonna have my next fight, because its almost four month since last time. And they have a watch and seing me only do training, training and even more training.. but never fight. 

No prob, I understand that. I have had two cancelled fight this summer and we are now looking for a new. I have good news that I can't tell you yet, it looking good, and looking big. But you know, I have no rush. I rather plan and make a good decision than catch and fall. What we need is money. 

Professional boxing isn't cheap. Until you win a big title or have a world wide name, almost. But the way before you go there, you have to pay a lot of money. Its not only for your own hotels, you have to pay for your opponent, her hotel/purse/flights etc, if you gonna make an own show or put a "lonely" boxer on martial arts show, you have to pay 3.000E (30.000kr) almost to the boxing committee. And then you have your licens, brain scan, blood test, you have fight clothes, gloves, helmet, tape... yes everything. Ha Ha Ha. And I thought ice-hockey was an expensive sport. So, what we boxers need to make sure to do - selling tickets! The UK is better doing this, its bigger and people comes to watch. In Sweden its still to small, no one watch yet. The funny thing - I think I have it easier to actually sell tickets in the UK than the Sweden. It makes sense on where I should fight. 

Anyway. What I want to say. We need help from people like you. We would be very happy with every kind of sponsor that want to be a part of Team Wildheart. To make it much easier for you we have different levels on sponsorships to make both parts happy. Please send me a message to lucy@wildheart.se. I will answer you or let you get in contact with my agent or trainer.

Trainer at Slagskeppet

5 oktober 2017

Morning everyone! 
The clock is turning four in the morning and I was waking up before that, so I had a great shower and did my breakfast very well with five eggs, four crackers with a lot of butter on, and a beautiful taste cup of coffee. I like waking up before others does, no stress, no need to hurry - but In need of the sleep also, I know. If I hadn't been training three hard sessions and working eight hours yesterday I should have gone out for a run this morning. 

But instead of that I will make a message for you, and you are very welcome to tell all the people you know about this option. I have got the opportunity to start train people at Slagskeppet of Stockholm (its the gym places close Gärdet/Ropsten). I am gonna take over my coach´s boxing class at 19.30 tuesday´s and thursday´s when I don't work at Bosön. Welcome!!!     You can also book me for a PT-training session. I help you with whatever you need. People use to involve some padwork (boxing) in their training when they train with me, some like to sparr, some like to do lifting (olympic lifting/crossfit) and others want to do interval condition training. Im educated in all these parts. Feel free to write to me or call Slagskeppet for more information.

Otherwise you can book me to have a massage. Im an educated massage therapist and have been working with all kind of people and are very accurate when it comes to injuries and pain. I have helped many people recover from their pain and sore muscle in my life of work. - if you train a lot and even if you don't, you need to let the muscles relax and get healed. 

Send me a message.

Follow me on Facebook: Wildheart (Fanpage) and my Instagram LucyWildheart to easier get in touch with me.

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