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Moving to England for the next level

15 maj 2018

Official information.

In five weeks Im moving to Hornchurch, England to be trained and managed by Colin Lynes (Former IBO world, British and European Champion). O have to do what is best for me. I am looking forward to do boxing as my full-time work. It is what needed if you want to become the very best boxer of the world. I have never been afraid of taking steps when I believe its the right choices. I am very thankful for everything the Swedish Proboxing Commite have done for me, my supporters and my former trainer Luis lagerman. The British Board of Control will give me the new license and within the training I can have a next fight in late summertime. I hope you everyone enjoy my choose of moving and I look forward to bring the big titles home back to Sweden, love you all. Thanks.

TKO win the 5th may

8 maj 2018

I am so happy. Got my third win in lightweight as a professional boxer. And still undefeated with a record of 3-0-0 (2KO). 

The venue was brilliant, especially all the people who come to watch. All support from the crowd. Friends, family and others. Remember its because of you, we boxers can still fight.

I did my best fight so far in my carrier. Won against a Georgian girl having 9 fights, 5 wins and 4 KO on her record. She is ranked. It made it possible for me to step up a level, looking for a new fight in summertime. 

The team, Luis Lagerman, Calum and Elsa.

My aunt and young supporters.

With Colin Lynes, Former professional boxer, IBO world, British and european Title. Trainer and Manager.

After the venue on way to party, with my mum beside me.

The blits 5th may wildtime

21 april 2018

Two weeks out, then its my turn to step into the ring and show you what I got. My third professional boxing fight will take place at Göta Lejon Sthlm, 5th of May. The name of the venue is "The Blitz" and you are all welcome to buy tickets on to join me. My pleasure. 

I will have the second last fight on the card. Its great. My opponent comes from Georgia and she is ranked having four knockout-win on her list, in the total of nine fights. What I need to do to win agains her, is to be me. Its not easy to beat me. Luis has done his work, I have done my work, Calum his, Colin his etc. And we all know I am prepared and ready to fight. 

Soon as this fight is over, we got a lot of opportunities to look forward to. I can't explain how thankful I am for doing this, working with this, everyday. What I love most. If you want to be a part of me, and my team as a sponsor. Get in contact. 

The sponsor for this fight is Friia Finance company. 

Cheers and love.

Maxielit Slagskeppet Gym Bosön Kalmar Instrumentteknik AB