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Quick changed date of debut and knockout round one

8 maj 2017

Ha, life can be so funny sometimes.

My planned professional debut should be on Al Siestas Show in Guildhall, Southampton now on friday the 12th. But last week we´ve hot problem with the Board of Control that did not give me allowed to do my debut in the UK. From the beginning we thought they would. So what to do?

My promoter Al Siesta and Manager Richard Farnan had to do work as a horse to find a show for me in another country to fight on, which been Poland last saturday in Elk. We got the answer friday morning and booked flights the same day. Richard from UK and me from Sweden met up in Warsaw, and then we had to travel by bus to Elk. We made it. 

The show in Elk was actually big, and televised (not my fight). It was good fighters on the card. I had the fight numer two against a Lituania girl, former amateur. I hurt hur a lot from the beginning and her trainer cancelled the fight. The thing is that I step into this ring knowing I had only one chance to be on Al Siestas Show - I had to knock her out at least in round number two, and thats because of a 7-days rule and its only 6 days between thoose fights. If you knock in two rounds you don´t have to count with the rule. 

So I put my mind of Iron on, not even nervous. Just did what I had to do. And then we went home. 29h of travelling to be in the ring this short, thats a part of a professional boxers life. I know what I am prepared to do. And I know what I want, and I know how I want to feel.

Let us now fight in Southampton in five days. Friday. Ive been looking forward to this. BIGTIME!

Thanks to Olof Johansson, Swedish Pro Commissions that believed I could make it, and given me the Fight Permit so quick! And thanks to Richard Farnan who travelled with me. To Al Siesta. To my trainers Richard Seifert and Luis Lagerman that makes me always ready. And big thanks to the journalists that writing many good things about me. Happy with that!

You are welcome to follow me on Facebook: Page Wildheart, or Instagram: LucyWildheart :)

Professional Boxing Debut 12may

2 maj 2017

Hi everyone,
I am so happy to say that everything is clear and there are now a date for my professional boxing debut. We are gonna take place the 12th of May in Guildhall, Southampton in the UK. The card will include a lot of titles, (WBC, IBF, WBO) and great fighters will show up.

At this time I work with Siesta Boxing Promotions (Al Siesta) and who is manage this fight to me is Richard Farnan. The Venue is going to be televised to over 80 countries, and perhaps even in Scandinavia for my sake. I am very thankfully for that, cause I know this is not happen to everybody - I am having som extra luck ;)

I will give Veresport Management a huge big thank for signing with me to promote my carrier and my fights and working the buisnesspart with me. So are my latest signing with CoreContruction that sponsor me and my debut the 12th May. 

I am also happy to say that my choice of gloves and boxingwear are #RIVAL and Im now inte the #RivalFamily to win beautiful and safe. Make sure to have a look on my fightwear. Good partner and sponsor. Thank you Russ Anber and MJ.

I would like to raise my coaches who has been training me for a long time to make this happen. And they are now making me ready to fight clean. Luis Lagerman and Richard Seifert. Richard Seifert is going to follow me this time to the UK and be in my corner together with Richard Farnan. 

I feel more than excited. I know that my lowest level is very high, and I have a lot to show the world. Step by step. So keep an eye on and we can have fun together.

Whats up

19 mars 2017

Kan man fråga sig.
Full rulle i vanlig ordning. Mitt fantastiska intensiva liv, och jag hinner aldrig ha tråkigt.

Som både dansare och boxare om dagarna präglas jag av träning i varierad grad. Det var länge sedan jag kände att jag fastnat på en platå, för just nu tonar min utvecklingskurva till shysstare nyanser, alltså att allting blir tydligare. Jag längtar varje kväll att få vakna upp till en ny morgondag och lära mig någonting nytt. Som ett litet barn.

Jag har spenderat tid i England och fått äran att träna med flitiga professionella och olympiska boxare. Träffat många nya människor i branschen både i Europa och Amerika. Vilket har öppnat mina vyer, mindset och möjligheter. Någonting är på gång. Var, när och hur är en annan fråga jag sparar till senare.

Om en vecka åker jag åter igen till England för att spendera 3,5v där. Förutom hemma så har vi planerad sparring i bl.a. Sheffield och hos några andra stora namn. Det ser jag fram emot, mycket lärorikt. Boxning handlar lika mycket om att studera det - som att utföra. Jag skulle nog vilja säga att det är de klokaste fightersarna som når toppen. Som i vilken idrott som helst egentligen. Hur som haver, förutom mängdvis av träning - så kommer vi (jag säger vi, för det känns så), att ha boxare på olika galor på helgerna. Jag gillar grabbarna i teamet där över, de tränare dedikerat och vet vad de vill med sin boxning. Vi har väldigt roligt och trevligt när vi tränar gemensamt. Richard F. gör ett bra jobb som både tränare och manager.

Keep up! :)

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