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London SparringCamp Colin Lynes

6 april 2018

Last week I took a trip to London for training with the one and only Colin Lynes. One of my favorite fighters. He is a good friend of mine. Please have a look on youtube and you will find his fights. Colin has 51 professional fights and has boxed on Sky Sport Television. Now he has retired and start coaching people in training and boxing instead. I am very happy he want to help me. I need to step up a level and sparring with him makes improvements on me.

We had a great week of good workout. Many rounds in the ring. He totally messed up my boxing, and sometimes I felt like a beginner, but then we went to Peacocks gym in London to sparr a soon to be Team GB member girl. She was southpaw. Very tricky one, but we got it in control and did a really good sparring. I am very happy with that. 

Boxing is all about learning, listen and details. I love the game and I love to be better every day. I have a fight upcoming in four weeks. So now my focus puts on improve myself in sparring. To play this game. I want my opponents to look beginners while fighting me. I am tricky, I am strong, I have great condition, movements and a strong head. But I am still learning to be even better. In a couple of years I will fight the worlds best fighters, which I long for. Therefor everyday of learning is important and my pleasure.

I am very pleased to have my Team supporting me. I would be nothing without them! All love!
Thank you Colin for taking care of me, now and in future. #lyno

Våga Våga South Sweden

21 mars 2018

For a couple of weeks ago I hold this lecture / inspiration evening at LokoMotion Training Center in Blekinge in sponsorship with Restaurant Sjörek. I have been working i that part of Sweden for three years, so It felt good to be back. I have a lot of people I know coming from there that I have met in my earlier years. 

So, this lecture was about To find the confidence to do what you love, taking chances, taking risks. I told them it okay doing mistakes, I do them everyday - but In a way that It works for me. And I always learning from them.

The public was between 18-80 years, grateful. I had all kind of persons being there. The event office was standing high over the water and our view was beautiful. Beautiful when looking out from the windows. After the lecture we all had dinner together. Really good food from SJörek!

I want to thank Thomas Heiderup for making this for us. And thank to the sponsors. And thank to the 60 person who came for listening. Cheers!

25th perfect birthday

7 mars 2018

My 25th birthday (5th marsch). Maybe it was my best day in life so far. I am not able to tell you exactly why - yet! But soon. I want to thank everyone for all wishes and congratulations.

Life is about feeling good, and be happy, and be around people you love and you like to work with or be with. Doing things you like and do it much. My birthday included a ballet lesson, a great lunch with my lovely friend Erik Hulten, a perfect meeting (about my next boxing contest - ITS ON YES), and another talk with a sponsor I believe in ( ! ). To end the day catching up with my partner in crime, Katarina Strandberg to workout the shit of us at Top Team Sweden. I was all dead afterwards but I felt strong and very relaxed in my soul and my mind. I like Sweden Top Team, they always working very hard. I love it hard. I love to feelin like a monster. To that level when you almost start crying. Push the limit. Especially on a birthday. LOL!

Otherwise, these meetings can be a following great "start" in our carrier. For me, for my fantastic trainer Luis Lagerman. I can't describe how lucky I am having him beside me, TRAINS me EVERYDAY. Lucky girl I am. I am not only training for myself, I also do it for him, and for all yours support. For everyone who believes in me. 

Life is to short to ride on the world alone.

Maxielit Slagskeppet Gym Bosön Kalmar Instrumentteknik AB